Case Study: Bake and Co.


In today’s highly digital society, having an online presence for your business may be one of the most important and effective marketing tools. Without a proper and professional website for your business, you could potentially be losing out on a lot of leads for new clients, and losing out on a lot of revenue. 

Without a website, the Bake and Co. team began to struggle not only to gain new clients but to find an efficient way to process orders. They soon realised that they needed to bring their business into the 21st Century, and build their online presence. 




Company Name:
Bake and Co.

Services They Provide: 

  • Wedding Cakes
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Corporate Cakes

Why Bake and Co. needed help:
Understanding the problem.

Especially for businesses highly competitive markets like Bake and Co., it is imperative that they give a good first impression in order to generate leads and clients. However, this can be difficult without a website or online presence. If a customer can’t find you online, chances are they won’t even know you exist! Without a website, Bake and Co. were struggling to gain enough business to remain profitable. 

As a small family business, Bake and Co. also lacked a proper system for customers to make orders and payment. As most of this was done manually or over the phone, much of their time was spent doing such mundane tasks, rather than actually baking.

The team at Bake and Co. decided that they needed help, reaching out to B2B HQ to design a new website that would not only improve their online presence, but also take care of their operational issues. 

This package provided Carly Walker Consulting with services that:

  • Improved online presence 
  • Encouraged lead generation
  • Developed a new ordering system


What Bake and Co. had to say about our website design.

“We absolutely LOVE the new website. It not only looks great, but also works great. Since the new website, we noticed we were getting more and more new leads and customers. The built-in booking system has also been fantastic! It’s taken out a lot of the work for us so that things are always smooth sailing. We’re so grateful for B2B HQ’s help. Would definitely recommend getting in touch with them if you’re experiencing the same problems as we were.”


Owner, Bake and Co.

Seeing Results: Online presence

Now with an online presence and platform to showcase their gorgeous cakes, business is booming for Bake and Co. Having a website increased their exposure to new clients and acted as a tool to generate new leads. 



Seeing results:

Order Processing System

With a new ordering system which allows customers to order pre-designed cakes and goodies as well as request custom-designed orders, the team at Bake and Co. are able to spend less time on administrative tasks, and more on baking. This has improved their efficiency in taking and making orders, which has allowed for an overall improved customer experience as well. 




Bake and Co. Website

Bake and Co: Then and Now.

Since having a new website, business has been booming for the team at Bake and Co. They have have remained as a loyal customer at B2B HQ, and continue to seek further services to address issues that occur as they grow, expand and thrive as a business.

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