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The Advantages Of A Virtual Office

Do you have a business that can be run from anywhere in the world? And you are interested in increasing sales?

Well, a Virtual Office is the best option when it comes to mobility and perception.

The concept of a “Virtual Office” has started to become fully recognized across businesses, because of the benefits they provide and the flexibility they offer compared to a traditional office.

Ever since COVID-19, the same question has been asked by entrepreneurs globally: what can they do to improve the profitability of their business, as well as to improve their image in front of their clients. (or at worst, how can they cut costs to survive?)

Virtual Addresses (or Offices) seem to be one of the most beneficial options for those interested in saving money but having a business that still is perceived to be larger than it actually is.

Virtual Addresses Save Money

If you are at the beginning of the road and the money is tight, you have to make the right choices in order to have profit.

Under these conditions, choosing the Virtual Office option seems to be the answer that can get rid of a lot of hassles.

Having a Virtual Office does not require your physical presence

If you decide to get a Virtual Office, you will get everything your business needs to be operational in one place and have essential tools for daily operations, such as email, landline number, Physical Mailbox, meeting rooms, 24/7 access, etc.

Work From Anywhere

For example, you can have your company’s headquarters in an extremely convenient and central location in the city. Without needing to pay the outrageous costs of getting furniture, printers, building meeting rooms, paying a huge deposit, being locked into a 24-month lease, etc. In actual fact, you get all of that immediately, without any additional costs.

The best part, also, is that you can access the office ONLY when you need it, without worrying about its maintenance, cleaning or operating costs.

What are the Advantages of a Virtual Office?

  • Live or travel anywhere, at any time while your business stays grounded
  • Market and sell with prospects who believe you are located around the corner
  • Avoiding high amounts of the upfront and ongoing expenses that are attributed to running a traditional office (eg, no need for a physical office, commute to work, etc)
  • Get a physical and secure business mailbox (or just have the documents scanned or forwarded to you)
  • A Permanent business address (that is unique to your business and not shared with any other entity besides you)
  • Email notification when your mail/parcels have arrived
  • Keyless entry to meeting rooms, mailboxes, etc 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Permanent Australian landline phone number
  • All phone calls are forwarded to your mobile phone

Also, other important advantages that catch your attention when you decide to choose a Virtual Office, according to Business Dictionary are:

  • Low over costs
  • Little investment requirements
  • Low start-up costs
  • The increased amount of flexibility

Meet Potential Clients At Your Office

When opting for a Virtual Office, it is imperative that you have the “appearance” of still being physically within the location of your customers. You can set-up meetings with your clients at the same office where you get the mail, the address that is listed on your website, and the address that your business is registered with ASIC.

Also, with Virtual Office you can

  • Get everything your business needs to be operational in once place
  • Have essential tools for daily operations, such as email, landline number, Google Suites, etc.
  • Generate leads from professional marketing materials including business cards and web launch pages
  • Improve your business’ perception and credibility with professional details
  • Security of mail and personal details for protection against identity theft

One of the best options is to contact B2B HQ and look at the “Virtual Office” Package – as it includes all of the benefits listed above.

Virtual Offices are cost-effective

Anyone who decides to start a business or already has one, will ask, is a Virtual Office advantageous in terms of costs?

Here comes the real surprise! In terms of costs, the Virtual Office is extremely beneficial!

Per day a Virtual Office can cost as little as…$2.00! That is it. Just $2 a day. And you get access to all of the benefits and equipment that a traditional business has.

Book Physical Meeting Rooms

Why take the risk and expose your business and yourself by spending a lot of money, when you can have everything you need only for $2/day? On the other hand, organizing a classic-style office can cost upwards of $50/day and is extremely difficult to justify.

By staying devoted to the classic way of doing business, you have more disadvantages than you may have ever realized:

  • Inefficient or insufficient tools for daily operations and growth
  • Lacking additional resources to generate leads and sales (as the investment went into the office)
  • Inadequate and unprofessional marketing materials (again, the opportunity cost of creating a large office)
  • Lack of professional offices to meet clients and leads, as you needed to get a smaller space to save on costs
  • Poor perception and credibility due to unprofessional business address and phone number (you were only able to get a location you could afford)
  • Exposure of personal and private details to identity theft (if you decide to not get an office and register with your home address)

Is your budget limited? You can start by renting only a Virtual Address, which will help you to stay in touch with everybody you need to and, at the same time, to confirm your location with ASIC and then grow into a Virtual Office where you get a landline telephone number.

We have spoken about ‘features’ of a Virtual Office, but what about the ‘benefits’ you get:

  • 24/7 Locked Office and Mailbox with CCTV
  • Your registered business address never needs to change
  • Keep your business and family details separate
  • Your business appears larger
  • Parcels are available when you are
  • Generate leads near your Melbourne address

When your budget will allow, you can go so far as to hire a Virtual Assistant who can help you with everything you need as well as a Virtual Reception who can answer your phone calls for you.

And even in this situation, the costs will not reach the ones you should pay if you go for the classic version.

According to the Entrepreneur Handbook, some Virtual Office services are a lot better than others, so make sure you thoroughly research your options first and try before you buy. Price should not be the overriding factor in making your decision. Pay particular attention to the telephone answering service or physical appearance of the office offered as that is often a customer’s first point of contact with your business – and first impressions count.

A Virtual Office is a practical and advantageous concept for everyone and in a world where making a business is more and more demanding, this option is definitely the way to guaranteed success.

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