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Small Business Facts

People assume that because there is so much information online, they’ll be able to find the answers to all their problems.

In most cases there is no substitute to sitting down with someone who can show you how the pieces connect, where you’re going wrong and what you need to do to fix your business before it’s too late.



“More than 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within the first three years of starting.”


“Less than one third of small businesses survive past 10 years or more.”

Your Business Steps to Success

Overcome all challenges that you face when starting a New Business…in 48 hours.


  • Domain name
  • Business Name*
  • Company*
  • Trademark*


  • Google Apps
  • Online File Storage
  • Business Email
  • Landline Phone No.


  • Web Launch Page
  • Website*
  • Email Signature
  • Business Cards x250


  • Office Address
  • $90 Office Credit
  • Meeting Rooms
  • *Optional Add-ons

What Our Clients Say

About overcoming all of their New Business challenges.

“I was highly recommended to seek assistance from B2BHQ and I immediately understood why! The team simply go above and beyond what most would do.

Their “Customer First” approach sets the benchmark with a unique skill set. Operating from a state of integrity with honest values, B2B HQ positions their customers for success with their innovative products and services.”

Davide Mollica
BarFly Cocktails
“B2B HQ is a great space for holding business meetings and presentations. The staff are highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Not only is it a great space but the team will help you set up everything your new business needs, from websites to business cards and everything in between.

Such a great location close to the city as well!”

Business Consultant
“I have been stuck with trying to get my business to the next level for over a year now until I came across B2B. I noticed there amazing office in Carlton and I decided to drop in to see what they were about. They had all my small business needs, from cards, to flyer printing they even set up my website in such short notice.  I highly recommend B2B for any business who needs to make progress.”
Adam James
Koffee Kartel

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