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Virtual Receptionist In Melbourne

Australian receptionist, customised greetings, 24/7 call answering services & unique customer service experience – starting with $20 per month

Australian Receptionists

100’s Happy Customers

24/7 Call Answering

Free Trial Period

Customised Greetings

How a Virtual Reception Solution
Can Work for You

  • On-shore professional reception staff services
  • Personalised greeting & on-hold messages
  • 7-day free trial
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Australia call transfer services 
  • Personalised customer service experience
  • Month to months subscriptions with no lock-in contract
  • Instant activation
  • Expert answering services & Australian voice
  • Access to reports & statistics

What Difference Will A Virtual Receptionist Service Make For My Growing Business?

As your company grows, you need to access a new communication strategy to meet your business requirements. Effective call services are the key to boosting sales. A professional voice and phone answering service will take your business to the next level.

WITHOUT B2B HQ, you might:

  • Waste time answering phone calls
  • Provide ordinary or unprofessional answering services
  • Fail to focus on more important business activities
  • Miss important phone calls
  • Miss out on business opportunities
  • Damage your business perception
  • Make customers who need 24/7 full-time assistance unhappy
  • Experience background noise during phone calls
  • Lose valuable information included in call statistics & reporting

With B2B HQ, you will:

  • Save valuable time for you & your in-house team
  • Provide valuable & professional answering services
  • Focus on your business’s core functions
  • Never miss important phone calls
  • Take all important business opportunities
  • Enhance your business image
  • Make & keep your clients happy
  • Get a high-quality noise cancellation system
  • Access call statistics & reporting services
  • Get high first contact resolution rate

Virtual Receptionist Features

Top-Notch Receptionists

We work hard to train our receptionists and provide world class services.

Local Voices

B2B HQ’s receptionists are native English speakers based in Australia.

Personalised Greetings

Create an amazing caller experience with custom greetings and on-hold messages.

7 Day Free Trial

You’re free to choose. Try our services now without any obligation.

24/7 Coverage

We offer uninterrupted 24/7 service and support to your customers.

No Lock-In Contracts

Say goodbye to termination fees. Enjoy flexible services on a month-to-month basis.

Live Transfers

Choose to get calls forwarded to your mobile phone or redirect them to your receptionist.

Friendly & Efficient Team

Our friendly rapid response team is always here to help you.

Easy-To-Use Customer Portal

Manage easily the features in your package with our online accessible portal.

Cost-Effective Packages

Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

Instant Setup

We understand your time is valuable. You will get a free instant setup.

CRM Connection

Our CRM system integration ensures a flawless and effective communication with your customers.

Easy Scale-up

We offer support for scalability. Grow your business at the speed of light.

Value & Flexibility

Add or remove features in your package whenever you wish. We value flexibility.

Development & Modern Technology

B2B HQ works only with modern phone systems and tools that we constantly strive to improve.

Personalised Customer Service Experience

Personalised customer services are powerful. Build a large base of loyal customers.


Virtual Receptionist Voice Services in Melbourne – Full-Time Coverage

Growing your business in Australia has never been easier! B2B HQ™’s Virtual Receptionist & telephone answering service in Melbourne VIC will answer your calls and make your business look incredibly professional without the need to hire a new member for your in-house team. No recruitment and training time is required. Enjoy the benefits of a professional voice. Make your clients happy. You will never miss a call or a business opportunity again.

Our friendly receptionists treat your clients as individuals. They focus 24/7 on customer service experience. Get a high-prestige business level. Build customer trust and loyalty. Our receptionists are valuable team members and not ordinary contractors. All of them are on-shore receptionists operating from different locations in Australia. We understand the value of a local Australian voice.

Enjoy our flexibility. Get your receptionist as your company grows. First, you can benefit from our packages that provide small businesses with a wide range of benefits, such as mail handling and forwarding and rentable office rooms. For more details, please check our virtual office page or contact us.

What Happens After I Get A Virtual Reception Service Package?

Getting to know your business

It will take a few hours maximum for us to contact you. You will share with us your business story. We’ll get to know more about your company. We want to make sure we provide you with a best in class receptionist who understands your business mission and message.

Providing the script

The natural voice of our receptionists will bring to life your script. We will answer your calls with a personalised greeting. Let us know if you prefer any custom on-hold message services to give off a positive brand impression and keep your callers on the line. Most people are impressed by personalised on-hold messages.

Set up your virtual receptionist

We train your virtual receptionist for you. Once we contact you and get to know your company, our voice services will make your business grow. They will pick up 95% of calls within 3 rings. The communication with your clients and customers will be flawless. Send them a positive message. Every single caller is important.

Pricing & Plans


/per month

Pay as you go $3.50 per call*

Great for reception overflow or intermittent use

MyReceptionist 20

/per month

20 calls per month Excess calls $3.45*

Ideal for mobile professionals and sole traders

MyReceptionist 50

/per month

50 calls per month Excess calls $3.45*

Perfect for small to medium size businesses


/per month

Pay as you go+$2.70 per minute*
Initial setup from $50 depending on complexity

A great starting package if you’re unsure of your call lengths and volumes

MyAssistant 20

/per month

20 minutes per month
Excess mins $2.55 per minute*
Initial setup from $50 depending on complexity

Ideal for mobile professionals and sole traders

MyAssistant 50

/per month

50 minutes per month
Excess mins $2.55 per minute*
Initial setup from $50 depending on complexity

Ideal if you average around 20 calls a month which are 1-3 minutes long

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a virtual receptionist service?+

    A virtual receptionist is a professional voice call answering agent who answers calls on behalf of a company but does not work in the company’s office. They work for an outsourcing provider and have the same responsibilities and benefits as traditional in-house receptionists. 

    A virtual receptionist is a telephone answering service that is suitable for a wide range of companies and not only for start-ups and small businesses. Typically, it is included in a virtual office and address package.

  • How does a virtual receptionist call service work?+

    A virtual receptionist works for an outsourcing provider. You can rent a virtual receptionist telephone answering service in Melbourne, Sidney, or another location in Australia. You will get a landline number and pay a monthly fee for a fixed number of calls. Most of the time, they work in a small team.

    The virtual reception service provider will recruit and train the receptionists. Sometimes, a virtual receptionist works from a home office or the office of the provider.

  • What are the benefits of using a virtual receptionist?+

    The services of a virtual receptionist can save a company’s time and money. They give your business a professional presence and image and improve customer satisfaction rates. The services of a virtual receptionist are a cost-effective and flexible business solution.

    With a virtual receptionist call answering service, you save time and money because you avoid the recruiting and training process. Also, you do not need to pay high employee costs.

  • What services does a virtual receptionist provide?+

    Virtual receptionists are trained to manage business phone calls, answer FAQs, and provide some cloud office services. They can take messages, send SMS, schedule appointments, perform live transfers, handle basic virtual assistant tasks and diary management, process orders, collect leads contact details, or divert calls to voicemail.

    Live transfers can work in two different ways: calls are redirected to the virtual receptionist if the business owner does not answer or the virtual receptionist can forward callers to the cell phone number or personal landline number of the business owner.

  • How much does a virtual receptionist cost?+

    In Australia, a standard virtual receptionist services package that includes a phone number and up to 20 calls per month can cost approximately $50 – $60, while a package that includes a phone number and up to 1,000 calls per month can cost approximately $1.70 – $1.80. At B2B HQ, prices start with $20 per month. 

    The price of one single call handled after you exceed the number the calls included in the package can vary between $2 and $3. Prices for additional contacts can vary according to the package.

    Some Australian telephone answering voice service providers require a one-time set-up fee while some others offer free set-up. Also, some of them require a small fee for call forwarding, message and SMS services, and overseas contacts.

  • How do I find the best virtual receptionist provider?+

    You can get a virtual receptionist from a virtual office and address provider like B2B HQ.  Pay attention to some key features, such as cost-effectiveness, the reputation of the virtual receptionist provider, operating hours, sound quality, and other additional services that can help you get positive feedback from your customers, such as call report and statistics.

    For example, an Australian professional receptionist provider should offer voice services available 24/7 and not only during standard business hours. They should find a solution for background noise and provide additional services, such as call forwarding/diverts to a voicemail or phone number, or call report. Also, they should be trustworthy, professional, and have a pleasant voice.

  • Why are virtual receptionists important?+

    Virtual receptionists are important because they never miss a call. They can ensure a perfect flawless communication with all categories of customers. As a result, a business will increase its reputation, win more customers and grow faster. Virtual receptionists are responsible for a business’s professional image and presence. 

    Also, business owners who handle phone calls by themselves will never have enough time to focus on important business functions. Virtual receptionists allow them and the in-house team to deal with more important activities. They are cost-effective and do not involve a long-term commitment.

  • Who can benefit from a virtual reception phone answering service?+

    Start-ups, small and mid-size companies, and all companies looking to ensure a more professional and personalised customer service experience can benefit from virtual receptionist services. High-quality virtual receptionist providers, like B2B HQ, can adapt virtual receptionist packages according to the size of your business and the number of customers.  

    However, virtual receptionist voice services are not ideal for large corporations with thousands of customers. This is because virtual receptionists typically work in small or medium teams.

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“I was highly recommended to seek assistance from B2B HQ and I immediately understood why! The team simply go above and beyond what most would do. Their “Customer First” approach sets the benchmark with a unique skill set. Operating from a state of integrity with honest values, B2B HQ positions their customers for success with their innovative products and services.”

Davide Mollica

Owner – Barfly Cocktails