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What Makes B2B HQ The Best Melbourne Virtual Office?

In today’s world, small business owners are spoiled for choice with so many virtual office spaces available. 

So, choosing the most suitable virtual office space for you and your team is a decision that can ultimately make or break your business in its early stages (because the office space you choose not only does it affect your daily operations but also your brand reputation). 

You may ask yourself: “How do I know if a virtual office fits my business?”.

Well, it depends on your business model. But as a general rule, every start-up operating remotely could immensely benefit from a virtual office (as virtual offices provide businesses with high-quality essential services at a fraction of the price).   

So, even in the earliest stages of your start-up, I suggest that you invest in office space. 

From the moment you start meeting your first clients and customers, you should wave goodbye to the dining room table that doubles as a work desk and access professional meeting rooms (to make a great first impression with new clients).   

Anyway, if you want to learn more about the benefits of a virtual office, please check out this blog post. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the key elements you need to consider when choosing the right virtual office and how B2B HQ can boost your start-up’s efficiency and productivity (which makes it the best virtual office in Melbourne).  

Table of contents:

  1. 3 essential factors to consider before choosing a virtual office
  2. What makes B2B HQ the best Melbourne Virtual Office?

1. 3 Essential Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Virtual Office

Working In A Melbourne Virtual Office

When you’re on the hunt for virtual office space, the high number of providers available can turn the process into a puzzling task. 

For this reason, I suggest that you start your haunting for the best virtual office by understanding how many services and amenities you need today and in the forthcoming days (because a virtual office is actually a set of services you can access as your business grows).   

The virtual office you use can impact your business budget, efficiency, and reputation, so make sure you consider the following factors before selecting the right office space for your start-up: 

  1. Location

When choosing an office, location should be at the top of your list of considerations (alongside the price) – Firstly, because people who are going to come in and do business with you need to find your office without hassle. Secondly, because a prestigious location will enhance your brand’s image and reputation. 

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a virtual office’s location does not matter because you perform most of your business operations remotely and use office space only for important business meetings or sessions.  

The address you get from your virtual office provider will become your company’s physical business address, so make sure you show your clients and customers that you operate from a prestigious location (yes, appearance matters in business!). 

Important: Please note that your virtual office should include a business address that enables you to register your company with ASIC – Australian Securities and Investments Commission

  1. Services & Amenities 

Since a virtual office is essentially a set of services and amenities, I could write pages and pages about what makes virtual office services truly outstanding. 

Here is a list of the most important services that every first-class virtual office MUST provide:

  • On-site receptionist available from Monday to Friday during business hours to greet guests and sign for letters, packages, etc.
  • A private, secure, physical mailbox to ensure your mail is separate from everyone else’s
  • SMS and email notification when your mail or parcels arrive
  • On-site facilities, such as printing, shredding, photocopying, scanning, etc. 
  • Fully-equipped meeting and conference rooms to conduct your business meetings
  • Mail handling services (e.g., mail forwarding, shredding, scanning)
  • Australian landline business phone number 
  • Virtual receptionist responsible for providing a unique customer service experience 

You may be thinking: “I don’t need all of these services right now, so why should I look for a virtual office that provides them?” 

I’m glad you asked that. 

You may not need them at the start-up stage you’re in. Still, you may need them in the future (e.g., as your business grows and starts getting more customers, you may need to get a professional virtual receptionist to provide support and assistance to your customers).

  1. Price & Additional fees 

Price is another essential factor to consider when choosing a virtual office. 

Please note that a virtual office is the most cost-effective office solution for a business. Your virtual office package may go up or down in price as you add or remove services. 

However, a first-class virtual office provider will never send you unexpected invoices for hidden fees that were not known upon signing up.

As a general rule, the average price for a virtual office in Australia (including a complete set of essential services) is around $100 per month. 

If you’ve just got your business off the ground and you’re at the early stages of your start-up, you can also get a virtual business address (that is the most basic package you can get from your virtual office provider). 

Depending on the location, the average price for a virtual business address in Australia is around $70 per month. 

So, I suggest that you look for a cost-effective virtual office that delivers value for money (keeping in mind the average prices I mentioned above).  

2. What Makes B2B HQ The Best Melbourne Virtual Office?

B2B HQ Meeting Room In Melbourne

Now that you know the essential factors to consider when choosing a virtual office, we can finally get down to the nitty-gritty of this blog post. 

If you’re looking for a virtual office in Melbourne, B2B HQ is the best choice you can make (we pride ourselves on providing the best services to all B2B HQ clients).  

Here is what makes B2B HQ the best virtual office in Melbourne – keeping in mind the essential factors to consider when choosing a virtual office that I listed in the first section of this blog post:

  • Location: B2B HQ provides virtual offices in a prestigious location near Melbourne CBD (Cardigan Street, Carlton, VIC 3053) so that you can make an excellent first impression on your clients, attract customers, and enhance your business’s reputation. 

Our office space is safe (we have exterior and interior CCTV security cameras), accessible, and visible for everyone visiting your business.

There is plenty of ground-level meter parking for your clients outside the door and the famous Lygon St Restaurants just a short walk through the beautiful Argyle Park.

Furthermore, we provide you with a unique business address – Suite XX/13X Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053, Melbourne (e.g. Suite 3, 139 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053, Melbourne) and not an address common for all businesses using our offices. 

B2B HQ’s Location In Melbourne
  • Services & Amenities: B2B HQ provides you with a complete set of first-class services you can add to your virtual package as your business grows.

Here are the most important services and amenities you can get: 

  • On-site receptionist available from Monday to Friday during business hours for deliveries, greeting guests, signing for letters and packages, etc.
  • A private, secure, physical mailbox that you can access 24/7 – You can also get an additional mail recipient or a large mailbox.
  • Email notification when your mail or parcels arrive – The B2B HQ team receives and sorts your mail daily. On the same day you receive a piece of mail, they will notify you via email. 
  • On-site facilities such as printing, shredding, photocopying, scanning, etc. – At B2B HQ, our clients use a dedicated office facility area to sort their mail, shred letters, scan documents, and print meeting notes. 
  • Fully-equipped meeting and conference rooms accessible 24/7  – We can provide you with client rooms, meeting rooms, and large 16 person boardrooms with high-speed Wi-Fi, large televisions on the walls, whiteboards, conference phones, teleconference facilities, and more. 
  • Mail handling services (e.g., mail forwarding, shredding, scanning) – With B2B HQ, you can choose between “once-off” and “recurring” mail handling services, according to your specific business needs. 
  • Australian landline business phone number – We provide you with local landline plans that include minutes diverted to mobile and landlines. You can also get a 1300 or 1800 number to boost your professional image. 
  • Virtual receptionist that provides 24/7 coverage and ensures a personalised customer service experience. 
  • Price & Additional fees: At B2B HQ, we strive to maximise your business’s cost-efficiency by delivering very high-quality services at competitive prices. 

We do not require any setup fees ($0) for any of our virtual packages. Also, we do not charge for reasonable receipt, sorting, or storing of mail, meaning that you will not receive unexpected invoices for hidden fees or charges – Transparency is one of our core values. 

Also, some of our virtual office packages include office credit (e.g., branch office), meaning that you won’t need to pay to use the office facilities – as long as you do not run out of credit. 

Virtual Office In Melbourne

Conclusion: B2B HQ has put a lot of effort into creating the entire space professional but relaxing and easy to use. 

We are proud to provide first-class services that help businesses run smoothly, attract customers, build a solid business reputation, and scale up without effort or downtime.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your brand image, find new customers, and increase sales, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide you with the best Melbourne Virtual Office and help you build a wildly successful business!  

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