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The 10 Best Business Podcasts For Entrepreneurs And Startups

Podcasting has exploded in popularity over the past few years (especially during the coronavirus “great lockdown”). 

Personally, I’m a big fan of podcasts. They’re easy to access, offer valuable information on a plethora of topics, and fit well with our busy lives. 

The greatest advantage of listening to podcasts is that you can tune in on the go. 

During your gym sessions or whenever you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, you can play the latest episodes from your favourite shows (by the way, if you want to get rid of your daily commute and traffic jams while saving on overhead and improving productivity, a B2B HQ Virtual Office is a great choice for business growth). 

Today, there are tons of amazing podcasts for entrepreneurs to explore. 

If you’re running your own business and looking for secrets and tips from people who achieved great heights of success, here are 10 podcasts for you. 

Table of contents:

  1. Direct Selling Accelerator 
  2. The Site Shed
  3. Operation Agency Freedom 
  4. Construction Genius
  5. B2B Zero to Ten
  6. Buying Online Businesses 
  7. Coffee Is For Closers
  8. Closers Are Losers 
  9. Tradie Business School
  10. The Kim Barrett Show 

1. Direct Selling Accelerator

Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast

The Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast is hosted by Samantha Hind, a social media keynote speaker and coach specialising in direct selling and MLM businesses.

Samantha is aiming to help businesses grow and achieve wild success using social media. Her Company, Auxano Marketing, is a training agency providing online courses and webinars to ensure entrepreneurs are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to build the best marketing strategies and execute them with precision. 

Are you a small business owner looking to leverage the power of social media? If so, the Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast is your go-to resource for accelerating your results with direct selling through online marketing.

Click on one of the following links to listen to the Direct Selling Accelerator Podcast: 

How to connect with Auxano Marketing:

2. The Site Shed

The Site Shed Podcast

The Site Shed is a podcast designed to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to unlock success and teach them the actionable steps to make their businesses thrive. 

Hosted by former plumber Matt Jones, the podcast covers a wide range of topics and issues, such as apprenticeships, technology, business tools, web, digital, cloud, content creation, SEO, marketing, and much more. 

Although the podcast is targeting tradespeople and contractors (e.g., plumbers, electricians, chefs, locksmiths, etc.), it suits every small business owner looking for expert tips and professional advice from specialists.  

Click on one of the following links to listen to The Side Shed Podcast: 

How to connect with The Side Shed:

3. Operation Agency Freedom

Operation Agency Freedom Podcast

Operation Agency Freedom is a podcast targeting digital agency owners, aiming to bring them expert tips from the world’s most successful digital agency owners. 

Operation Agency Freedom is hosted by Chris Martinez, CEO and founder of DUDE Agency, a company dedicated to providing support to digital agencies to gain more clients and customers and scale up with the help of an expert team of designers and developers. 

If you want to educate yourself about digital marketing and stay up to date with news from the industry, then make sure you subscribe and tune to the Operation Agency Freedom podcast! 

Click on one of the following links to listen to Operation Agency Freedom Podcast: 

How to connect with DUDE Agency: 

4. Construction Genius

Construction Genius Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to construction company owners looking to gain meaningful knowledge and dive deep into topics such as strategic and succession planning, niche identification, talent management, business development and growth, and much more.

Hosted by industry expert Eric Anderton, the podcast shares valuable insights on how construction entrepreneurs and company owners can maximise project profitability and steer their business strategies to drive growth. 

The show also interviews heavy-hitters in the construction industry who share their expertise and lessons learnt from decades of experience. 

Click on one of the following links to listen to the Construction Genius Podcast: 

How to connect with Eric Anderton: 

5. B2B Zero to Ten

B2B Zero To Ten Podcast

B2B Zero to Ten is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B businesses avoid common pitfalls, drive profitability and grow from zero to $10 million and beyond. 

If you’re running a B2B company, this show provides you with great opportunities to learn from experienced company owners the most effective strategies to go down the road to 8-figures and beyond. 

B2B Zero to Ten is hosted by Brett Trainor, CEO and managing partner of iQuipt Ventures – a company dedicated to helping early-stage B2B startups optimise their valuations and hit $10 million in annual revenue.

Click on one of the following links to listen to the B2B Zero to Ten Podcast: 

How to connect with Brett Trainor:

6. Buying Online Businesses

Buying Online Businesses Podcast

Buying Online Businesses is a podcast that teaches entrepreneurs how to buy established website businesses and exit the rat race by earning passive income. 

The show is hosted by Jaryd Krause, who went from plumber to becoming a leading Australian business coach by creating an online business empire. 

Buying Online Businesses podcast is rated in the top 5 best passive income podcasts to listen to, so make sure you tune in to learn tons of nifty tips and tricks on buying, running, and growing successful websites.   

Click on one of the following links to listen to the Buying Online Businesses Podcast: 

How to connect with Jaryd Krause:

7. Coffee Is For Closers

Coffee Is For Closers Podcast

If you’re looking for ways to boost sales, Coffee Is For Closers is the right podcast for you. 

Every week, Matt and James from Sales Sniper (a sales agency specialising in high ticket sales, sales system building and sales training) provide you with amazing tips and interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs so you can skyrocket your sales and business. 

Matt and James (and their guests) will teach you how to increase close rates, take control of your sales, stay competitive, and master the sales process (among a myriad of other highly actionable nuggets of advice to help you build a wildly successful business). 

Click on one of the following links to listen to the Coffee Is For Closers Podcast: 

How to connect with Matt and James:

8. Closers Are Losers

Closers Are Losers Podcast

The Closers Are Losers Show is dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to ditch old school and outdated sales closing techniques and develop new selling strategies and skills to win more deals and drive growth and profitability. 

The podcast is hosted by Jeremy Miner, who has developed an internationally recognised sales training methodology designed to help companies stop losing sales to competitors. 

If you’re looking for expert advice on closing a sale quickly and effectively and want to learn from other salespeople’s experiences, make sure you subscribe to the podcast and tune in each week.  

Click on one of the following links to listen to the Closers Are Losers Podcast: 

How to connect with Jeremy Miner:

9. Tradie Business School

Tradie Business School Podcast

The Tradie Business School show gives you the right skills to effectively run your business and improve productivity and profitability. 

Every week, trade-industry experts Barry Magliarditi, Michael McNish, and Miranda Hill (aka The GameChangers) dive into hot topics around time management, cash flow, common pitfalls to avoid, people management, and much more.  

If you’re looking for great insights into how to create change in your business and set it up for success, the Tradie Business School is the right podcast to subscribe to.

Click on one of the following links to listen to the Tradie Business School Podcast: 

How to connect with Tradie Business School:

10. The Kim Barrett Show

The Kim Barrett Show Podcast

The Kim Barrett Show is the perfect podcast for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to generate more leads, increase sales conversion rates, double their profits, and successfully scale up.

The podcast is hosted by Kim Anthony Barrett, founder of the online marketing agency Your Social Voice, a company looking to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors using the latest marketing strategies and tactics. 

The Kim Barrett Show provides you with golden nuggets of advice on how to increase your business’s social media engagement and sales, so make sure you tune in for a new episode each week!

Click on one of the following links to listen to the Kim Barrett Show Podcast: 

How to connect with The Kim Barrett Show:

Conclusion: Today, there are millions of entrepreneur podcasts available, so it may become challenging to decide which are going to be most useful in helping you set up your business for success. 

That’s why I have created this list of 10 podcasts for entrepreneurs and startups. Now, you only need to choose one of them and tune in for inspiration and wisdom. Tap into other entrepreneurs’ success stories to gain deep knowledge! 

Whatever podcast you may choose from those mentioned in this post, it will be immensely helpful in your entrepreneurial journey.

Also, if you’re looking to build a professional business image and access essential services to drive growth (all while applying the expert tips you may get from the podcasts I’ve shared), do not hesitate to contact B2B HQ. We can provide you with a stylish and professional virtual office and create the right conditions to optimise your success!    

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