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Carly Walker Consulting

Launching a brand new business can be overwhelming. Especially for those starting up as a one-man-band,  with so many things to manage and organise, it can become difficult to present a professional and credible image. Carly Walker understood this, and realised she needed help ensuring she would have an overall professional image and perception. To achieve this, Carly needed:

  • Professional offices to meet clients
  • Physical business location
  • Professional marketing materials
  • Website and Email domain

To sum it up, Carly needed to ensure that her business appeared credible and reliable from the get go. B2B HQ provided the perfect solution. 

Company Name:
Carly Walker Consulting

Services They Provide: 

  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Consulting
  • Business Services

Why Carly needed our help.

Especially for consulting businesses like Carly’s, image and perception are the key to success. After attending a seminar where one of B2B HQ’s founders spoke on improving business perception, Carly quickly realised that her business was lacking some of the key components. This prompted Carly to seek help from the team at B2B HQ in an effort to give her business a head start with a professional image. 

The team at Carly Walker Consulting purchased a Branch Office Package from B2B HQ. 

This package provided Carly Walker Consulting with services that:

  • Improved online presence 
  • Ensured professional perception
  • Encouraged lead generation

What Carly Walker has to say about our Branch Office Package

“I have nothing but positive feedback about the professional and easy to use nature of B2B HQ. They have been very helpful, flexible and accommodating in meeting my business needs. Their help has allowed me to spend my time growing my business, rather than having to spend time managing the details. I would highly recommend anyone in a similar position to approach B2B HQ for help.”

Founder, Carly Walker Consulting

Understanding the issue.

In business, perception is everything. How can you trust a business if they don’t look legitimate and trustworthy? 

Often times, the biggest mistake businesses make when it comes to perception are in the smallest details. For instance, if you have your home address listed as your business address, or your mobile number as a business number, it begs the question as to whether your business even exists! 

Especially for businesses like Carly’s, having professional offices to meet new clients is essential to winning new clients over. Meeting clients at cafes or co-working spaces only proves to them that perhaps you aren’t up to the task. 

Seeing results.

B2B HQ’s Branch Office package is the perfect and simple solution. At such a low cost with no lock-in contract, you get a professional, premium business address and landline number with call forwarding! The package also included office credit which allowed her to book in a range of offices and meeting rooms for clients.

Shortly after signing up to the Branch Office package, Carly became much more confident in being able to contact other businesses with professional contact details, and was able to advertise her business with a professional office address. This gained her much positive feedback from new clients. 

Carly Walker Consulting: Then and Now.

Since signing up to B2B HQ’s Branch Office package, business has been booming for the team at Carly Walker Consulting. They have have remained as a loyal customer at B2B HQ, and continue to seek further services to address issues that occur as they grow, expand and thrive as a business.

Need the same kick-start for your business’ perception?

Carly Walker Consulting uses the Branch Office package, which is designed to help our clients improve their business perception and credibility.

Sign up to our Branch Office package today!

The package includes: 

  • a permanent and professional business address
  • 24 hour office access
  • a secure physical mailbox
  • mail notifications
  • landline phone number
  • call forwarding
  • 200 minutes of phone credit
  • chat, phone and email support
  • office credit