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Defining Leaders

Launching a brand new business can be overwhelming, and  with so many things to manage and organise, it’s difficult to even know where to start! As a brand new business, Defining Leaders sought out the help of B2B HQ to help them get their business up and running. They required a wide range of things including:

  • Professional offices to meet clients
  • Physical business location
  • Business landline number
  • Professional marketing materials (website, business cards, etc)
  • Website and Email domain
  • Business registration
  • Operations tools (Google Suites)

In other words, Mark and Daryl, the founders of Defining Leaders needed to turn their ideas, into a reality. B2B HQ provided the perfect and fuss free solution. 

Company Name:
Defining Leaders

Services They Provide: 

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Training
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Strategic Advisory

Why Defining Leaders needed our help.

Especially for consulting businesses like Mark and Daryl’s, image and perception are the key to success. However, creating a positive business image and perception requires more than just a good product or service, but also a proper and professional appearance. This generally includes the things potential customers and leads first come into contact with such a website, or the first meeting. 

Understanding this, Mark and Daryl sought out help from B2B HQ, who specialise in building positive business perception. Mark and Daryl purchased the New Business Creation Package from B2B HQ, which included everything they needed to not only get their business up and running, but also to maximise their business perception. 

This package provided Defining Leaders with services that:

  • Ensured professional perception
  • Encouraged lead generation
  • Provided daily operational tools
  • Built an online presence 
  • Eased the process of starting a brand new business

What the founders of Defining Leaders had to say about our Virtual Expansion Package

B2B HQ made the process of starting a new business so easy and seamless. Their help made a tremendous difference by taking care of all the nitty gritty details of setting up a business, such that we could focus on our service and areas of expertise. B2B HQ were very accommodating and understanding of what we needed, tailoring their package to our requirements. We couldn’t be happier with their New Business Creation Package, and would highly recommend them to anyone else starting up their business.”

Founder, Defining Leaders

Understanding the problem.

In business, perception is everything. How can you trust a business if they don’t look legitimate and trustworthy? But beyond that, you also have to live up to the expectations by providing a quality product or service itself. 

Often times, the biggest mistake new businesses make is trying to do too much on their own and not seeking help. There’s always an endless list of things that need to be taken care of, and when you’re doing it all yourself, chances are neither the set up of your business, nor the product or service you’re selling will be done to the highest standards. 

You only get one chance at impressing new leads and clients, so you want to make sure you do it right. That’s why seeking help is so important to the wellbeing of your business. With more hands on deck to set up your business, you can direct your focus to the things that you do best. 

Seeing results.

B2B HQ’s New Business Creation Package is the perfect and simple solution. At such a low cost with no lock-in contract, you get everything you need to get your business operational. From having professional contact details, to having a corporate office to meet clients, and to having the tools to perform daily tasks – B2B HQ does it all. 

Shortly after signing up to the New Business Creation Package, Mark and Daryl had their business turned from an idea into a reality. Hitting two birds with one stone, B2B HQ took care of setting up key operational parts of the business, as well as the key aspects for building good business perception. 

Defining Leaders: Then and Now.

Since signing up to B2B HQ’s New Business Creation Package, Defining Leaders have become fully operational, and business is booming. They have remained as a loyal customer at B2B HQ, and continue to seek further services to address issues that occur as they grow, expand and thrive as a business.

Want to turn your business idea into a reality?

Defining Leaders  used the New Business Creation Package, which is designed to help our clients get their business fully operational. 

Sign up to our New Business Creation Package Package today!

The package includes: 

  • a permanent and professional business address
  • a secure physical mailbox
  • mail notifications
  • landline phone number
  • 200 minutes of phone credit
  • chat, phone and email support
  • office credit
  • technical support
  • web launch page and web hosting
  • domain name
  • Google Suites