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HMR Referrals

HMR Referrals, like many other small businesses, struggled with a few common problems including;

  • Poor perception
  • Lead generation
  • Sales conversion

B2B HQ provided a simple, effective and low cost solution to address these issues.

Company Name:
HMR Referrals

Services They Provide: 

  • Virtual Address package
  • Client Meeting Rooms and Office bookings

Why HMR Referrals needed help.

As most start-up businesses often are, HMR Referrals was formed by its founders out of their home office. This meant that they registered their business with ASIC under their home address, which was also listed on their website. 

However, this led to a series of unfortunate events which raised concerns about the safety and security of their families and property. HMR Referrals also found difficulty converting leads to sales as many prospective clients, especially larger companies, could see that they were only a small business working from home. 

By registering their business to their home address, the team at HMR left their families and business vulnerable to:

  • exposure to mail theft
  • missing important deliveries 
  • risk of personal security
  • poor business perception
  • low leads to sales conversion rate

What HMR Referrals has to say about our Virtual Address Package

We could not be happier with the Virtual Address Package. It’s easy, simple and cost effectiveThis package has definitely made a difference towards improving how our clients perceive us, and in turn improving our lead generation and sales! For anyone in the same position – definitely consider signing up to B2B HQ’s packages.”

Managing Director, HMR Referrals

Understanding the problem.

In business, perception is everything. How can you trust a business if they don’t look legitimate and trustworthy? 

Often times, the biggest mistake businesses make when it comes to perception are in the smallest details. For instance, if you have your home address listed as your business address, clients and especially larger ones, may question whether you’re up to the job.

Seeing results.

B2B HQ’s Business Address package is the perfect and simple solution. At such a low cost with no lock-in contract, you get a professional, premium business address that can be accessed round the clock. 

By simply registering their business to a premium address, HMR Referrals also found that their business perception had improved, generating more leads and sales with bigger clients.

HMR Referrals: Then and Now.

Since signing up to B2B HQ’s Business Address package, the business has been booming for the team at HMR Referrals. They have been able to enjoy the convenience of using the offices only when needed in order to impress clients, without big price tags attached.

They have have remained as a loyal customer at B2B HQ, and continue to seek further services to address issues that occur as they grow, expand and thrive as a business.

Are you having similar problems as HMR Referrals?

HMR Referrals uses the Virtual Address package, which is designed to help our clients improve their business perception and credibility.

Sign up to our Virtual Address Package today!

The package includes

  • a permanent and professional business address
  • 24 hour office access
  • a secure physical mailbox
  • mail notifications