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Your Money Manager

One of the biggest challenges of building a financial planning firm is that with a physical office presence, you have to remain in close proximity to the office to meet clients. Not to mention the high overhead expenses and long-term office lease. Joe Virgona understood he needs to be location-independent to broaden his customer reach and maintain low overheads. However, he also realised the importance of creating a professional business presence. 

To make his location-independent business look more professional, Joe needed:

  • Office space to meet clients & record professional videos
  • Permanent business address 
  • 1300 number 
  • Professional marketing materials

To sum it up, Joe needed to ensure that his business looks professional and reliable without renting expensive traditional office space. B2B HQ proved to be the ideal solution. 

Company Name:
Your Money Manager

Services They Provide: 

  • Money Management
  • Financial Advice
  • Financial Planning

Why Joe Needed Our Help.

Especially for financial advisory businesses like Joe’s, creating a positive perception is key to success. However, renting traditional office space would exert a big financial pressure on a small business.

Moreover, a traditional office is limited by the physical distance between the office and potential clients, making it difficult to reach clients who are located in different geographic areas. This prompted Joe to seek help from B2B HQ in an effort to build a professional image while also expanding his client base beyond the local area. Additionally, Joe wanted to achieve greater flexibility in terms of work location and schedule.

Joe and the team at Your Money Manager purchased a virtual office package from us, which included everything they needed to build a professional business image. 

Our virtual office package provided Your Money Manager with services that:

  • Ensured professional perception 
  • Built trust with clients 
  • Encouraged lead generation & conversion 
  • Improved online presence

What Your Money Manager has to say about our Virtual Office Package

For us, having a professional presence is critical to building trust with our clients. However, the cost of maintaining a traditional office was a big challenge for us, especially as we wanted to expand our services beyond our local area. Thanks to B2B HQ, we were able to create a credible image for our business from the start. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a flexible and cost-effective office solution.”

Director & Financial Planner, Your Money Manager

Understanding the issue.

In business, perception is key to success. An unprofessional image can make potential clients wary of engaging with your business. But beyond that, you also have to maintain low overheads to ensure that you have enough funds to cover expenses and invest in growth opportunities. 

Additionally, keeping overheads low enables your small business to mitigate risk and ensure you are better positioned to weather any potential storms. 

While a traditional office allows your business to build a professional and legitimate image, it often comes with high overhead costs and lock-in lease agreements. This can be a significant burden, especially in the early stages of growth when resources are limited.

For financial advisors like Joe, establishing a professional presence without incurring significant costs is essential to winning new clients and accelerating growth.   

With a prestigious business address and professional space to meet clients at an affordable cost, you have more opportunities to invest in your business for long-term revenue growth. 

Seeing results.

B2B HQ’s virtual office package is the perfect solution that Joe found to strike the right balance between maintaining overheads low and creating a professional image for his financial advisory business.

For a low monthly cost and with no lock-in contract, our virtual office space in Carlton provides Your Money Manager with everything they need to be operational, including professional contact details and fully equipped meeting rooms to meet clients.

Joe’s ability to build trust with clients improved significantly soon after he subscribed to the B2B HQ virtual office package.

With access to essential office services and a business address in a prestigious location, he was able to effectively promote his business. This enabled him to build meaningful client relationships and gain a competitive advantage.

Your Money Manager: Then and Now.

Your Money Manager has flourished ever since they started with a B2B HQ virtual office. They have remained a loyal customer and sought additional services to tackle any challenges that come their way as they continue to expand and prosper as a business.

Are you running a financial advisory business?

As a financial planning firm, Your Money Manager uses the Virtual Office package, which is specifically designed to help our clients improve business perception while also keeping overheads low. 

Get started with our Virtual Office package today! 

The package includes

  • Permanent & unique business address
  • 24/7 office access
  • Secure physical mailbox
  • Mail notifications
  • Landline phone number
  • Call forwarding
  • 200 minutes of phone credit
  • Chat, phone & email support