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How to Build a Financial Planning Firm With a Virtual Office

Whether you’re an experienced financial planner or a fresh new graduate, starting your own financial planning firm is probably a dream that gives you the drive to get up in the morning and make your goals happen. 

Especially if you feel trapped in a 9-to-5 corporate job or long for more control over your career, starting a business is a great opportunity to chart your own course without anyone looking over your shoulder. 

Not to mention that it enables you to grow your income and build wealth over time. 

Unfortunately, not all financial planners know the exact steps to take before striking out on their own. 

Read on as we explore a real-life example of how a virtual office can help you lay the groundwork to successfully start up your own financial planning company. 

Discover How Joe Virgona, Financial Planner at Your Money Manager, Grows His Business With a Virtual Office

Financial Advisor Using a Virtual Office

Launching your own financial planning firm isn’t always easy. 

You want to build a positive reputation from the get-go, but you also want to cut expenses as much as possible to maintain financial stability. 

And, as we all know, the costs associated with renting office space are often the biggest expense for a small business. 

But is it really possible to become a successful financial advisor with nothing but a computer, an Internet connection, and a hunger to help people manage their money and build wealth?

Yes – and this is exactly what Joe Virgona did. 

Joe built Your Money Manager with one goal in mind: to assist as many families as possible in putting the perfect plan in place for their money and achieving financial stability. 

He is now running a thriving business without being locked into an expensive, long-term office lease.

But before taking a deeper dive into how Joe is managing office space without spending a fortune, let’s see first how he started his career.

In his teenage years, he developed a fascination for prominent business figures of the time, such as Kerry Packer, Bill Gates, and Rupert Murdoch.    

What captivated Joe was their freedom to choose their own paths, impact others’ lives, and live on their own terms. 

When realising that these successful business people managed their own companies, Joe pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. 

His fascination with wealth-building strategies only intensified, leading him to embark on a career in financial planning. 

After gaining valuable experience at Westpac and later at an accounting firm, he joined forces with two mortgage brokers to launch Your Money Manager.

Now, he’s more than proud to provide his services to clients who can finally watch their savings grow, enabling them to purchase their first home, embark on investment opportunities, or establish a retirement strategy.  

So how does a virtual office from B2B HQ help Joe run his business and better help clients with their financial planning? 

The short answer is, a virtual office provides Joe with all the perks of a traditional office but without high overhead costs. 

All thanks to modern technology that has redefined the client-financial advisor relationship. 

Traditionally, financial advisors had to build their lives around the office, meeting clients face-to-face and guiding them through financial planning solutions with paper presentations. 

Now times have changed, and an increasing number of advisors are location-independent as they’re using technology tools to serve their clients.  

In the digital age, every financial advisor can provide services anywhere in the world as long as there’s stable Internet connection. 

How? You can conduct meetings using video conference tools and handle other communications via email and telephone.   

However, running a financial planning firm involves much more than just hosting Zoom meetings. 

Even if you’re location-independent, you still have to build reputation and create a professional image.  

As a financial advisor, a client’s trust is your most important asset. 

Here’s where virtual offices come into play. 

While there’s nothing wrong with helping clients with their financial planning from a sandy beach in Indonesia, you need to be able to establish a business presence and make your company seem more credible.

Not to mention that sometimes face-to-face meetings are crucial in taking your client relationship to the next level. 

Luckily, virtual offices bring the best of both worlds: professional meeting rooms and the ability to work remotely. 

With a virtual office from B2B HQ, Joe has been able to get all the benefits of a traditional office (e.g., meeting space, permanent business address, landline number, telephone answering services, etc.) without hefty overhead expenses. 

That enabled him to build a professional image and get his business ready for continuous growth while helping hundreds of clients move forward with their finances. 

We take pride in having Joe as our client and feel honoured to support him and the team at Your Money Manager in establishing their business in one of Melbourne’s most affluent areas. 

Growing a Financial Advisory Business with a Virtual Office

Want to turn the dream of owning a financial planning firm into a reality? Here at B2B HQ, we would be honoured to provide you with a prestigious business address and a professional setting to conduct client meetings. You can rest assured that this will enhance your credibility and make your financial advisory business stand out. Get in touch with us today and take the first step in laying the foundation for a thriving business. 

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