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Virtual Tour of B2B HQ

Walk through the entire B2B HQ office from the comfort of your desk.

Would you like to learn more about B2B HQ’s products and services in a matter of seconds? We have created a Virtual Tour to give you the experience of our locations beforehand. 

Getting to know the premises of your virtual office provider before getting the right package for your business is extremely important. Running a business from a virtual office does not mean that you will never access the office building. No matter if you need to reach the premises to collect your mail, access office facilities, or conduct business meetings – the office ambiance matters. 

Now, within seconds, you can virtually walk through the entire B2B HQ office building from the comfort of your desk. Discover every single detail in all of our rooms without the need to reach our premises. 

Note: The 3D virtual tour of the premises was completed before the privacy vinyl was applied to the glass of each meeting room. This was done so that you can see the full size of each room within the premises. After the 3D virtual tour was completed, the privacy vinyl was applied and anyone using the meeting rooms can do so in complete privacy, as others cannot see in.

Our Virtual Tour Brings B2B HQ’s Offices To Life

Outside of the immersive experience with a 3D walkthrough, our Virtual Tour offers you the following usage options: 

  • Dollhouse view
  • Measurements function: take and share measurements of rooms, doors, furniture, etc. using a desktop or mobile
  • VR view 
  • Access any room or area (meeting rooms, boardooms, kitchen, bathrooms, letterbox, etc.) with the click of the mouse or a touch of the screen

How Can You Benefit From B2B HQ’s Virtual Tour

  • Save time: get a 100% accurate view of our offices without reaching our premises
  • Gives you more information and a better picture of the surroundings (you can see the front view as well)
  • It costs you nothing: our virtual tour is 100% free 
  • Make informed decisions: decide whether our offices meet your business needs before you buy 
  • Move at your own pace: take as much time as you need to explore our offices 
  • Access the tour 24/7 at a convenient time for you
  • Interactive guided experience: you do not have to sit back and watch a video

We’re 100% transparent. Enjoy the convenience of fully investigating our office building before making important business decisions.