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Large Mailbox

Large Mailbox

$20.00 exc. GST / month

Are you receiving a large number of business letters? This means that your business is starting to grow and we are proud to ensure you that you have the ability to grow with your virtual office provider. 

If you were not aware, we can receive and sign for a large number of letters on behalf of your company. With B2B HQ, you have complete control over the mail that your business needs to manage. You can decide whether our recurring mail forwarding service, once off mail forwarding service or recurring scan and shred service suits you best. In addition to these services, we can provide you with a large mailbox to receive and store all of your mail and letters.

All of our virtual packages include a secure business mailbox that you can access 24/7. A large mailbox has the same features as our standard mailbox (meaning that it is a secure private business mailbox and not an ordinary box of all mail), the only difference is that it allows you to receive and store a larger number of letters – which is great for companies that receive a lot of contracts, small overseas samples, etc.

Did you know? You do not have to worry about whether you need a large mailbox or not. If your standard mailbox cannot hold all of the letters you receive, our team will contact you so that you can decide if you prefer us to forward your mail and letters to a specific address or provide you with a large mailbox. Or, you can physically pick up your mail from our office building on a more regular cadence to avoid an over storage of mail. 

To enjoy this add-on, simply log into your account and click the ‘purchase’ button.

Important: To get this product, you must already have a monthly package with B2B HQ that includes a mailbox.

Large Mailbox – Features

  • Email notification when your mail/post have arrived
  • Unique PIN code that you can use to access your mailbox
  • Come and go as you please: you have 24/7 access to your mailbox
  • Add-ons available: you can get an additional mail recipient for your large mailbox 

Large Mailbox – Benefits

  • Keep your business letters safe: we provide you with a secure, private & locked mailbox
  • Receive and store a lot more letters: your large mailbox can hold almost a hundred letters, which is two to three times more than the standard mailboxes