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Mail Forwarding Fortnightly

Mail Forwarding Fortnightly

$26.00 exc. GST / month

With B2B HQ, you can enjoy a virtual office package, which can include a mail forwarding service add-on that you can easily personalise by choosing a recurring schedule convenient for you.

If you need your mail to be delivered to a specific address in Australia once every two weeks, we offer a fast, reliable, and efficient mail forwarding service so that you can retrieve your mail. No matter what virtual package you choose, you have the option to collect your mail yourself from our premises or let us do all the work for you by sending it to your door.

If you cannot make it physically into the office to pick up your mail or you simply prefer to save precious time, we can send all of your letters and mail (excluding boxes and large parcels) to any Australian based location. 

You can get a fortnightly mail forwarding recurring schedule if your business starts to grow and you need to check your mail and letters more often (otherwise, for start-ups, a monthly mail forwarding schedule might be a more appropriate option). 

If you are overseas or moving around locations regularly, we invite you to check B2B HQ’s recurring scan and shred service – you are able to choose a recurring schedule for this service as well.

To get a fortnightly recurring schedule for your mail forwarding service, simply log into your account and click the ‘purchase’ button. Please also note that to use this product, you must already have a monthly package with B2B HQ that includes a mailbox.

Important: Please note that this service is only for documents, letters, or cards and does not include the forwarding of parcels, boxes, or other large mail.

Mail Forwarding Service Fortnightly – Features

  • Once every two weeks, we collate all of your mail and letters within your mailbox
  • Compress all mail and put it into a document envelope
  • Then, you receive your mail and parcels twice a month anywhere in Australia
  • We only use trusted & secure mailing service
  • Optional choice of either ‘retain’ (we return your mail to your mailbox) or ‘shred’ (we shred and dispose of your mail)
  • Note: Forwarding of mail is only available to an Australian address
  • Important: All boxes, parcels, and packages that are not a letter, card, or document are not included within the forwarding package and must be physically picked up at B2B HQ

Mail Forwarding Service Fortnightly – Benefits

  • Save valuable time: never waste time again driving to B2B HQ’s office building to pick up your mail 
  • Mail security: your documents and mail will never be at the risk of theft, as they are stored in your secure mailbox until they are sent
  • Travel anywhere, anytime, without the need to worry about your mail
  • Never miss important mail or sensitive documents that must be received physically
  • Easy to access and manage through B2B HQ’s user-friendly online portal
  • Flexibility: our services ensure that you can operate your business how you would like, without being inconvenienced by mail