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Mail Scan, Email & Shred – Once Off

Mail Scan, Email & Shred – Once Off

$17.00 exc. GST

Every problem has a solution. If you’re unable to travel or commute to pick up your letters from our offices and cannot wait to receive them through our mail forwarding service, B2B HQ can quickly put your documents at your fingertips.

With our Once Off Mail Scan, Email and Shred Service, you can get your business letters scanned and sent to your email address within a maximum time allocated to the task of 15 minutes. Then, after we have scanned and sent you the documents, we can shred your letters to protect sensitive information or just help you avoid office clutter.

To get this service, simply log into your account and click the ‘purchase’ button. The price is valid for the scanning, emailing, and shredding of your mail/letters up to a maximum of 15 minutes (approximately 3 to 5 pieces of mail).

How many letters can I scan? This is a great question, we track this by the time it takes. Each once-off mail scan, email and shred is scheduled as a 15 minute task – which is usually 3 or 5 letters (depending on size, pages, etc).

This service is ideal if you just need your documents to be scanned, emailed to you, and shredded once but if you are looking to have a regular arrangement, please be sure to view the Recurring Mail Scan, Email and Shred Service.

If you do not want us to shred your mail, please add in your order notes for us to place the mail back in your mailbox. Also, please note that the scanning will come through in either PDF or JPG format, so it is easy for you to read.

Note: To get this product, you must already have a monthly package with B2B HQ that includes a mailbox.

Once Off Mail Scan, Email & Shred Service – Features

  • Mail is taken from your mailbox, opened and scanned
  • Scanned files emailed directly to your inbox as a link, for you to download the file (for files larger than 10MB) or as a file attachment (for smaller files)
  • Receive a Certificate of Destruction (COD) notice in the email that states the shredding process is performed according to security protocol
  • All shredded paper documents are securely recycled

Once Off Mail Scan, Email & Shred Service – Benefits

  • Scan and receive by email what you need and when you need
  • Save time: retrieve your documents, typically within the same day of your order
  • Save space: paper takes up a lot of space and keeps piling up
  • Secure data: you will never misplace or lose an important document
  • Eliminate the risk of a data breach