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Meeting Room – Galilei

Meeting Room – Galilei

From: $29.95 exc. GST

Face-to-face meetings with your clients prove that you value their time and business. Are you seeking to build a stronger connection and enhanced trust with your clients? Or, looking to make a good first impression on potential clients? A professionally managed office space is what you need to run effective and successful business meetings and put your clients in a welcoming atmosphere. 

Arranging business meetings in a cafe or home office may seem uncouth or be perceived as unprofessional to your future client. Professional meeting rooms and boardrooms like the ones provided by B2B HQ come with perks of modern equipment and amenities that ensure flawless communication between you and your clients. 

The “Galilei” Meeting Room is the best choice for small business meetings with up to 4 attendees. For larger meetings, please consider more spacious rooms, such as the “Bell” Boardroom

With B2B HQ, your clients stay your clients. We do not have any branding anywhere inside or outside of the office building meaning that your clients do not know that you rented a meeting room. 

Note: The photos of the “Galilei” Meeting Room (and all of our meeting rooms and boardrooms) were taken before the privacy vinyl was applied to the glass. After the photos were taken, the privacy vinyl was applied and now people are unable to see into the room while you hold your business meeting.

”Galilei” Meeting Room – Features

  • Office: 4 chairs & 1 round table
  • Unlimited business-grade high-speed internet
  • Complimentary coffee, tea & water
  • Kitchen, bathroom & shower facilities
  • 43″ 4K LED smart TV
  • Printing, Scanning & Shredding facilities
  • Secured Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour access
  • IP telephone
  • Noise reduction system

”Galilei” Meeting Room – Benefits

  • Giving your partners and clients a good first impression
  • Enhance your business’s reputation
  • Ensure Privacy & Security 
  • Quiet, professional & welcoming environment without distractions
  • Easy to book and plan ahead with B2B HQ’s user-friendly online portal 

”Galilei” Meeting Room – How Does It Work?

If you have already become a member of our community, you only have to log in to our portal and choose a day and hour for your business meeting. It takes just a few minutes to book a meeting room. You have unlimited 24/7 access meaning that you can book a room whenever you want – even outside of working hours or during weekends.  
If you’re not a member of our community, you can only book a meeting room or boardroom from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm when our reception staff is available. However, you can still enjoy all of our amenities. Contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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