The Lack Of a Virtual Address is Letting Your Business Down!

Here’s the only package you need, at less than $2 a day

  • Secure business mailbox
  • Permanent business address
  • Email notification when your mail/parcels have arrived
  • Keyless entry 24/7
  • Rentable Boardrooms & meeting rooms
  • Professional and welcoming environment

How Can a Virtual Address Solve Your Business Problems?

Presenting a professional image is a vital component of business success.

WITHOUT a Business Mailbox

  • Exposure of Private Mail to Identity Theft
  • Redirect all mail when moving address
  • Debt Collectors know your families address
  • Leads know you operate from home
  • Constantly miss important deliveries
  • Access to leads near your personal home

WITH a Business Mailbox

  • 24/7 Locked Office and Mailbox with CCTV
  • Your registered business address never needs to change
  • Keep your business and family details separate
  • Your business appears larger
  • Parcels are available when you are
  • Generate leads near your Melbourne address

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All Boxes Ticked – So What’s Stopping You?

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Starts From Just




$2.50 a day

  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Pay Month By Month
  • No Set-up Fee

What happens after I purchase the package?



After payment, you automatically receive the receipt and welcome to B2B HQ family email.



Within 24 hours – a mailing address, physical mailbox and 24/7 keyless entry code is provided to you.



Every day you receive mail, B2B HQ will post to your mailbox and send you a notification email.



No matter what day or time (24/7), you collect your mail at your convenience, it will be secure while waiting.

Not Entirely Sure This Package Is For You?

Check out what each of our packages include to see what’s best for you!

Virtual Address
(This Package)
Virtual Office
Virtual Expansion
Virtual Business

per month (ex GST)

per month (ex GST)

per month (ex GST)

per month (ex GST)

Chat, phone & email support
No Lock-In Contract
24 Hour Office Access
Business Address
Secure Physical Mailbox
Mail Notifications
Landline Phone Number
Call Forwarding
Phone Credit (monthly)
200 mins
350 mins
700 mins
Office Credit (monthly)
$90 credit
$180 credit
Technical Support
Web Launch page
Web Page Hosting (monthly)
Domain Name
Google Suite (Gmail, Docs, etc)
x3 Accounts

Your Address, Your Mailbox, Your Business

All In The One Neat Package

24/7 Access

Pick mail up at midnight on a Saturday or even 4 am. It doesn’t matter.

Keyless Entry

Access the office and mailbox by a code, not a key. Easy, safe and secure.

From Letters To Parcels

Your mail and parcels are delivered can be signed for by our team.

Easy Parking

Hundreds of paid and free car spaces available the near B2B HQ office.

Add-On Services

Our services support you from start-up to scale up and beyond – ask us how.

Ongoing Support

Any problems? Simply call, email, live-chat or visit us and we will help.

CCTV Security

Never worry about stolen mail again, with 24/7 CCTV and all access logs recorded.

Seem and Become Larger

Premium addresses attract premium customers to your business.

Rank in Google

Unlock Melbourne Google rankings and leads with a city-based address.

Do Not Be The Next Victim of Mail Theft!

Parcel theft is on the rise across Australia. The rise in online shopping… has lead to the perfect storm for opportunistic theft, police warn.”

– 7 News

“Police say sophisticated syndicates are using networks of street-level “boxers” and ex-bankers with inside knowledge to steal personal data on a massive scale.

– SBS News

Case Study

Product Purchased:
Virtual Address Package

“We could not be happier with the Virtual Address Package. It’s easy, simple and cost effectiveThis package has definitely made a difference towards improving how our clients perceive us, and in turn improving our lead generation and sales! For anyone in the same position – definitely consider signing up to B2B HQ’s packages.”


Managing Director, HMR Referrals

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my professional business address look like?

Your professional business address will be Suite XX / 13X Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053 Australia
*X will be your allocated number at time of sign up.

What times can I pick-up my mail / parcels?

All Business Mailboxes available 24/7, as you are provided with keyless access to the reception area, mailbox rooms and your personal mailbox.

How do I know when I get mail / parcels?

Every day the lovely team at B2B HQ receives and sorts your mail – if you are lucky enough to receive an article of mail, they will notify you via email.


eg, If you get a letter every day for 1 month, you will 30 emails from B2B HQ. Or, if you get 4 letters and 1 parcel within a day, you will receive 1 email from the team.

What if I forget my keys to the office and / or mailbox?

The secure B2B HQ offices are 100% keyless entry – we provide your unique office PIN code and mailbox PIN code when you sign up.


If you forget your PIN number, you may refer back to the original communication where we provided it to you, or you can contact our team, who will verify your personal and business details and then provide your PIN numbers.

Can you sign for receipt of my mail / parcels?

Yes! This is one of the best parts about using the B2B HQ business mailbox service, the team will sign for your parcels and store them for you.


We do request that your parcels are scheduled for delivery between business hours where our receptionists are available to receive them (9:00am -. 5:00pm) – you still have access to the office 24/7 to collect them.

Can you scan or forward all mail I receive to me?

There are add-on’s available for B2B HQ business mailbox customers which include services such as scan and shred, where we scan your mail, send it to you and then shred the original copies (or hold onto them if needed). It is also possible for the team to forward the mail to you at an agreed recurring schedule – eg, weekly or monthly.


If you have any other unique questions or requests, please contact the team at B2B HQ and they will be more than happy to assist.

How secure are the mailboxes and venue?

All Business Mailboxes are located within the secure B2B HQ office and each mailbox has its own lock.


The office has 24/7 external CCTV cameras to monitor street activity and access to the B2B HQ offices’ entrance.

Within the office, the reception and entry have 24/7 CCTV cameras monitoring the mailbox rooms and all patrons who enter the venue. Every client has a unique PIN code for the front door and mailbox, every time a PIN is entered to access the location it is logged against the customer in our systems (full audit trail) and recording on all cameras is 24/7.

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Explore the office, your new physical business mailbox and the facilities on offer at B2B HQ.

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