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Your Private Virtual Address in Melbourne

Your own professional office with a real mailbox, unique address, 24 hours access and free streetside parking – for almost $1 a day!

  • Secure, private and physical business mailbox
  • Unique business address near Melbourne CBD
  • Email notification when your parcels/post arrive
  • Mail handling, forwarding & scanning services available
  • Keyless entry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Rentable meeting rooms & modern offices available

Virtual Address

$49.00 exc. GST / month

How Can a Virtual Address Solve Your Business Problems?

For home-based to interstate businesses, presenting a professional image and building trust is a vital component of business success. A virtual business address near Melbourne CBD is a cost-effective alternative to traditional office locations and workspaces. We meet your business’s needs by offering you a flexible office solution.


  • Exposure of Private Mail to Identity Theft
  • Redirect all mail when moving address
  • Your family’s telephone number and address are public
  • Customers know you operate from home
  • Constantly miss important deliveries
  • Access to prospects only near your home


  • 24/7 Locked Office and Virtual Mailbox with CCTV
  • Your registered company address near Melbourne CBD never changes
  • Keep your business and family details separate
  • Your company appears larger and gets a reliable presence
  • Every piece of mail/parcel are available when you are
  • Generate leads in and around Melbourne CBD

CBD Address Reviews

All Boxes Ticked – So What’s Stopping You?

Purchase now and get a Package 

  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Pay Month By Month
  • No Additional Cost or Set-up Fee

What happens after I purchase?

Sign Up

After payment, you automatically join our network. The receipt will be sent to your email and you will also get a “Welcome to B2B HQ” family pack.

Your Details

Within 24 hours – an online mailbox, physical mailbox and 24/7 keyless entry code is provided to you.

Receive Post

Every day you receive post, B2B HQ will send you a notification email.

Post Collection

No matter what day or time (24/7), you access our offices and collect your post and mail.

Not Entirely Sure This Package Is For You?

Check out what each of our virtual address solutions includes to see what’s best for you!

This Package

per month (ex GST)

  • Features

    Chat, Phone & Email Support ?
    No Setup Costs
    No Lock-In Contract
    24/7 Office Access ?
    Business Address ?
    Mail Notifications ?
    Secure Physical Mailbox ?

  • Landline Phone Number

    Landline Phone Numbers Are Not Included ?
    No Call Forwarding ?

  • Office Credit

    No Credit Included ?

per month (ex GST)

  • Features

    Chat, Phone & Email Support ?
    No Setup Costs
    No Lock-In Contract
    24/7 Office Access ?
    Business Address ?
    Mail Notifications ?
    Secure Physical Mailbox ?

  • Landline Phone Number

    200 mins Monthly Phone Credit
    Call Forwarding ?

  • Office Credit

    No Credit Included ?

per month (ex GST)

  • Features

    Chat, Phone & Email Support ?
    No Setup Costs
    No Lock-In Contract
    24/7 Office Access ?
    Business Address ?
    Mail Notifications ?
    Secure Physical Mailbox ?

  • Landline Phone Number

    350 mins Monthly Phone Credit
    Call Forwarding ?

  • Office Credit

    $90 credit

per month (ex GST)

  • Features

    Chat, Phone & Email Support ?
    No Setup Costs
    No Lock-In Contract
    24/7 Office Access ?
    Business Address ?
    Mail Notifications ?
    Secure Physical Mailbox ?

  • Landline Phone Number

    700 mins Monthly Phone Credit
    Call Forwarding ?

  • Office Credit

    $180 credit

    Your New Address in Melbourne

    All In The One Neat Package

    24/7 Access

    Pick mail up at midnight on a Saturday or even 4 am. It doesn’t matter.

    Keyless Entry

    Use a PIN code for the front door and mailbox. Easy, safe and secure.

    From Letters To Parcels

    We can sign for your parcels. We also offer post handling and forwarding services.

    Easy Parking

    Hundreds of paid and free car spaces available the near B2B HQ office.

    Add-On Services

    Our services support you from start-up to scale up and beyond – ask us how.

    Ongoing Support

    Any problems? Simply call, email, live-chat or visit us and we will help.

    CCTV Security

    Never worry about stolen mail again, with 24/7 CCTV and all access logs recorded.

    Seem and Become Larger

    Premium locations attract premium customers to your business.

    Rank in Google

    Unlock Melbourne CBD Google rankings & leads with a city address.

    Virtual Solutions in the News!

    Parcel theft is on the rise across Australia. The rise in online shopping… has lead to the perfect storm for opportunistic theft, police warn.”

    – 7 News

    “Police say sophisticated syndicates are using networks of street-level “boxers” and ex-bankers with inside knowledge to steal personal data on a massive scale.

    – SBS News

    First-class address solutions provider near Melbourne CBD

    B2B HQ™ provides business owners with mailbox services and a professional location near the Melbourne CBD. Businesses must be highly adaptable and versatile in the modern era, and most companies simply do not require a full-time office space.

    Melbourne virtual business addresses provide local companies with the opportunity to have a secure private mailbox and book meeting rooms whenever they need without spending exorbitant amounts of money on a space they don’t need.

    If you’re looking for ways to get a professional presence near Melbourne CBD without paying the extra rent for a conventional office and address, enquire today about how we can simplify your mailbox system. Contact us and we would be more than glad to help your company grow.

    Features of Australia’s Premier Virtual Address Service

    B2B HQ™’s private mailbox service contains a number of key features that make it a smart and viable option for your company. If you want a virtual office Melbourne, be sure to check out the services we also offer.

    Features include:

    • Secure business mailbox for receiving all mail
    • A permanent, fixed company address in Melbourne
    • Email notification once your letters/parcels arrive
    • Mail forwarding & scanning services
    • 24/7 keyless entry
    • Rentable meeting rooms & modern offices available
    • A friendly, professional & welcoming environment

    Benefits of virtual addresses

    B2B HQ™ will provide you with a permanent, fixed mailing address without the need to pay and sign a lease in an expensive building for you and your team. You can access our office locations whenever you want.

    Office workspace is only becoming more expensive in Australia, and people are looking for ways to reduce their expenditure, while simplifying their business and without having to pay too much for operational expenses like unnecessary rent. If you use your home location on invoices and business cards you become liable to security issues such as identity theft.

    A professional presence near Melbourne’s CBD is perfect if you’re looking to find a smarter and more financially viable location system and workspace as an alternative to many expensive office spaces. You and your team can still work efficiently, organise networking events, and connect virtually.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How does a virtual address work?+

      A virtual real street address can be used as a registered and/or business fixed address.  You can rent them in the locations that you prefer most for a low monthly fee. Your physical address and mailbox is where your company can receive statutory and business paper mail.

      For example, your company can appear to be located at a CBD address, while you and your in-house team work remotely from a home office or any other work area.

    • What is a virtual address?+

      Virtual addresses are real physical addresses but they come in “virtual” form. They allow you and your in-house team to operate remotely from anywhere and yet have a physical presence in a specific location. Virtual addresses are a cost-effective alternative to physical offices (e.g. traditional office, coworking space, or other workspaces).

      They are a flexible office solution that allows many companies to have the same professional presence that they would have if they rent a physical office.

    • What are the advantages of a virtual address?+

      Virtual addresses help companies save time and money and increase their reputation by providing them with a professional image. With a virtual address, you avoid high employee costs for your team members and overhead costs (e.g. rent, maintenance, insurance, IT support etc.), while still retaining a reliable image.

      You can also use it to scale up -as your company grows, you can get a local business number/telephone answering services, virtual assistants, receptionists who can handle phone calls, rentable meeting rooms and business lounges, and other support services depending on your office package.

    • How much is a virtual address?+

      The price for a CBD address in Australia depends on the quality of the services offered by the virtual address provider. As a general rule, the prices can start from $2 per day, meaning that they are incredibly affordable for a virtual CBD address.

      B2B HQ offers a virtual address package that includes premium key benefits at a fraction of the price. We offer a secure business mailbox, email notification when your parcels have arrived, keyless entry 24/7, mail forwarding services, rentable boardrooms and meeting rooms and a professional environment can cost upwards of $49 a month.

    • Where can I get a virtual address?+

      You can get a virtual address from a reputable provider, like B2B HQ. You can either contact the provider and rent an address suitable for your company or purchase it online. For example, if you want your company to appear as though it is located in Melbourne, you should contact a provider that offers virtual addresses in Melbourne.

    • Is a virtual address legal?+

      Yes, they are legal according to Australian law. You are allowed to use a virtual address as a business address, a registered address, or both business and registered address. Australian law does not allow you to use a P.O. Box to register a company but a virtual business address is not a P.O. Box.

      Australian law allows you to use a virtual address for business registration because they are actually physical addresses where you can use statutory mail from ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission).

    View all Frequently Asked Questions

    Virtual Tour

    Want to see your businesses new private address?