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15 Review Platforms To List Your Business & Get More Leads

Every business is looking to improve its online reputation and generate trust among potential customers. 

Nowadays, customers are spoiled for choice. An average person can receive hundreds (or even thousands) of advertising messages per day, making it difficult to choose a top-of-the-range product. 

For this reason, most people compare various products and services based on customer reviews. According to Qualtrics, 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product (that’s quite a hefty chunk!)

So, people use other consumers’ opinions, ratings, and feedback to narrow down their choices and make buying decisions. As a customer, I imagine you’re doing the same.

Thus, listing your business on various review platforms is an absolute must to build trust and convert more leads.  

Table of contents:

  1. What are review platforms and why should you use them?
  2. Top 15 review platforms to convert more leads into sales

1. What are review platforms and why should you use them?

Customer Reviewing A Virtual Office

A review platform is a powerful marketing tool that creates transparency between businesses and customers by enabling people to add product reviews.

Most of these platforms provide star ratings, comments, review filters, photo sections, and, potentially, the ability to add ratings for various attributes of the products or services. 

Let me get it straight. Review platforms are relevant for:

  • Helping customers find out if a product or service can fulfill their expectations
  • Building trust between businesses and customers 
  • Helping companies gain insight into the quality of their products and services (in order to improve them)
  • Increasing online business reputation
  • Improving SEO rankings (some of these platforms are official Google and Bing partners)
  • Helping businesses attract the customers who are not using (only) Google

‘Do I still need to list my business on these platforms if I’m already getting positive reviews on Google?’

Yes. I agree that Google reviews should be your top priority. But your Google reviews aren’t everything. 

For example, some of your customers are using Bing (and trusting Bing reviews).  

Anyway, let’s go back to the point. 

You should definitely list your business on these platforms. 

A certain percentage of your overall market is regularly using the review platforms mentioned in this post. So, why lose sales opportunities?  

Note: As I mentioned in my previous posts on setting up Google My Business and setting up Bing Places, you do not necessarily need a traditional business address to build a strong online presence on these platforms. 

I agree that you cannot list your business on various websites using your home address. Making your home address available to everyone would be unprofessional and risky. 

However, you can use a professional business virtual address to claim your business on all of these websites and start gaining more visibility.    

2. Top 15 review platforms to convert more leads into sales

  1. Trustpilot (https://www.trustpilot.com)  

Trustpilot is a famous Danish review website that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. Trustpilot was designed to bring consumers and companies together to share ideas and opinions, collaborate, and improve. The platform is completely transparent and open to all consumers and companies. 

Plans & Pricing: 

  • Free plan – $0
  • Standard plan – From $199 per month paid annually   
  1. Bazaarvoice (https://www.bazaarvoice.com)  

Each month, more than a billion consumers use Bazaarvoice to share reviews of more than 6,000 global brand and retailer websites. The headquarters of Bazaarvoice are located in Austin, Texas. Today, the company has several offices across the globe. 


  • From $7,000 per brand per year
  1. PowerReviews (https://www.powerreviews.com)  

Used by more than 1,000 brands and retailers, PowerReviews provides tools for retailers and e-commerce companies to host product reviews on their websites. The company, founded in 2005, has offices in Chicago and London. PowerReviews moderates more than 30,000,000 reviews a year and gathers product reviews from more than 250,000 consumers.

Plans & Pricing: 

  • Standard plan – from $399 per month
  • Business plan – from $699 per month
  1. Yotpo (https://www.yotpo.com)  

Yotpo is a leading eCommerce marketing platform with advanced solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, referrals, and SMS marketing. The company has offices in the United States, UK, and Israel. Yotpo was founded in 2011 after Tomer Tagrin (CEO and co-founder) had a bad experience buying a camera online due to trusting fake reviews.  

Plans & Pricing: 

  • The prices are not mentioned on the company’s official website. However, they allow businesses to start free and upgrade as they grow. They also offer a ‘premium plan’ for small to enterprise businesses. 
  1. Reevoo (https://www.reevoo.com/en/)  

Today, millions of customers in more than 60 countries use Reevoo to make buying decisions. Reevoo was started in 2005 to help customers choose what to buy. The platform is used in more than 60 countries and 30 different languages. 


  • Prices not provided by the vendor
Man Reading Virtual Offices Reviews
  1. Feefo (https://www.feefo.com/en/business/fpsnf_homepage

Feefo is an independent company that gathers feedback on behalf of businesses they work with. The company applies technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to customer reviews in order to help companies improve reputation and SEO, increase conversion rates, and reduce churn. 


  • Feefo provides businesses with a package and individual pricing plan tailored to their needs.
  1. Trustspot (https://trustspot.io

Trustspot is similar to Trustpilot. The website is specialised in reviews for businesses offering SaaS and online services and integrates well with eCommerce sites like Shopify and Magento. Trustspot is offering a 14-day free trial. 

Plans & Pricing: 

  • Premium – from $149 per month
  • Ultimate – from $249 per month
  • Enterprise – from $399 per month
  • Custom – contact for pricing
  1. Ekomi (https://www.ekomi.com/us/

Ekomi is a Berlin-based company that offers review services for enterprise-level, eCommerce, and service-based companies (e.g., accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, etc.) that need to gather reviews. They work with large enterprises (e.g., DHL). However, Ekomi is not the best choice for small local based companies, such as coffee shops, breweries, cafes, etc. 


  • Prices not provided by the vendor
  1. ResellerRatings (https://www.resellerratings.com

ResellerRatings is an Answers.com service. Businesses of all kinds can join the website. Customers are free to add companies to ResellerRatings without a verification process. The website can detect when business owners try to review themselves to boost ratings. 


  • Prices not provided by the vendor
  1.  Sitejabber (https://www.sitejabber.com

Sitejabber has been described as ‘the Yelp for websites and online businesses’. Sitejabber has more than 100,000 businesses reviewed and more than 3 million reviews. The platform is an official Google Review partner meaning that you can use it to get more Google stars. 

Plans & Pricing: 


  • Free plan – $0 
  • Pro plan – from $239 per month
  • Premium plan – from $499 per month
  • Enterprise – contact for pricing


  • Free plan – $0 
  • Pro plan – from $199 per month
  • Premium plan – from $399 per month
  • Enterprise – contact for pricing
Woman Reviewing B2B HQ Virtual Offices
  1. Shopper Approved (https://www.shopperapproved.com

Shopper Approved is an official Google, Bing, and Yahoo partner. Also, the website displays video reviews on YouTube (once approved by business owners). The website can serve any company that sells products and services online. 


  • Shopper Approved provides businesses with a package and individual pricing plan according to their needs
  1. Capettra (https://www.capterra.com

The company has the purpose of serving technology vendors within the software industry and their customers. Capettra was launched in 1999 when Michael Ortner (the company’s founder) was looking for new software and discovered the process was daunting and time-consuming. 


  • The company declares on their official website that ‘Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities. Capterra directories list all vendors – not just those that pay us – so that you can make the best-informed purchase decision possible.’ 
  1. G2 (https://www.g2.com

G2 (formerly G2 Crowd) is focused on user reviews for business software. G2 uses an algorithm that can identify employees reviewing the products of the companies they work for and employees at companies reviewing competitors’ products and services (meaning fraudulent reviews). Also, G2 verifies the reviews by asking users to send pictures of them using the products they are reviewing.  

Plans & Pricing: 

  • Essential plan – from $149 per month
  • Pro plan – $300 per month
  • Enterprise plan – $5 per employee per month
  1. TrustRadius (https://www.trustradius.com

TrustRadius is another review site for business technology. TrustRadius is focused on content quality. As a result, their reviews average more than 400 words. The platform publishes reviews from resellers but does not include the ratings in the overall score calculations.


  • TrustedRadius declares on their official website: ‘We are not a paid listing service. All known products within a category are listed by review count.’
  1. Sirelo (https://sirelo.org

Sirelo was created in 2016 in the Netherlands. The company focuses on providing reviews for the moving industry and helps customers access moving-related information, such as blog posts, tips, and guides. Sirelo currently has a database of over 10,000 companies located in more than 75 countries. 


  • Sirelo is a 100% free and independent service.  
Virtual Office Listed On A Review Platform

As most of the platforms listed above require a fee for their services, I am aware that you won’t be able to list your business on all of them. 

However, you can choose a few of them to list your business and start building more customer trust. 

To choose the most transparent and trustworthy platforms to list your business, I suggest you…read customer reviews. That’s funny, but you can actually read several customer reviews about reviews platforms. 

I cannot tell you what review platform fits your business best (this may depend on your business model and the products/services you sell). But I strongly recommend you spare some time to read reviews and comparison pages before deciding what review platform makes for you. 

If you found this post useful and understand the power of reviews but cannot list your business on these platforms because you do not have a professional business address, B2B HQ’s team would be glad to provide you with an effective solution. 

Contact us, and we can set up a flexible and affordable virtual office for your business. Our virtual office packages include a unique professional address that you can use to list your business on the most popular review platforms. Collecting positive reviews, building trust, and increasing SEO are easier than you think!   

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